by Zoe Boekbinder

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trackonrepeat A massive undertaking that yielded impressive results. This is a special album in the context of Boekbinder's other works because you can see recurring concepts, including an entire verse being given new life in the more recent song "Becoming a Nun" from Shadow. The last 30 or so songs make up a musical, showing off an impressive range of vocal tones. Worth all 3 hours and 40 minutes of your time.
Lee Ann Ratzlaff
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Lee Ann Ratzlaff Zoe is one of my favorite musicians. Her voice is incredible, with a range from operatic to raspy, and her prowess with a variety of instruments continuously amazes me.


A challenge album: I am writing, recording, and posting one song per day for 100 consecutive days. Oct 1 - Jan 8

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released October 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Zoe Boekbinder New Orleans, Louisiana

"Zoe Boekbinder opens her mouth, and the voice that comes out is ageless, beautiful, heartbreaking and wise." - Neil Gaiman

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Track Name: Introduction (Narrator)
Out story begins with an autumn morning
after the rains been pouring
outside of the city on a one lane road
with the city still close
a city much smaller than others around
and for nothing renowned
yet overly proud

a boasting that tried compensate
for being such a sleepy place
its a place where you will never go
on a planet of which you don't know
though its much like your own, or so I've heard
at least it was before this occurred

but let us return to the story
before i give it away
now that you can picture the place
now that i've set the stage
onto introductions
as I turn the page
in walks the star of our production
Track Name: I'll Put Life Back in You (Quill)
I’ll Put Life Back in You

What a lovely morning
no people I can see
and the buzzards are soaring
high above the trees

when they double back
and circle round and round
then I’m on their track
a treasure has been found

just a little thing
that lost its life in the ring
but I’ll put life back in it

I know I’m getting near
the vulture’s overhead
could that be an oaklamere
on the ground there dead?

I thought they all died years ago
in a flood of acid rain
but here one is with a bullet hole
perhaps the last and such a shame

you’re just a little one
lost your life to a gun
but I’ll put life back in you
Track Name: Gory Scene (Narrator)
The subject of our story has been
witness to a gory scene
this person’s name is Quill
a title quite felicitous
standing there spooky and still
by nature inconspicuous

Quill bends down to touch the beast
cold there in the leaves
muttering a prayer it seems
acting as though bereaved
after a very long time
Quill gently lifts up the oaklamere
then begins the long climb
eyes still full of tears
Track Name: Chase (Quill)
What a glorious creature you were
don’t worry, you will be once more
I will be gentle with your skin and fur
fill with straw once I’ve emptied your core

I will put braces on both of your wings
pose them stretched out wide
so you can still feel the rush of the wind
forever you can fly

once we get to the top of the bluff
my house won’t be far
its not much but its enough
its small but its all ours

there are many friends for you
creatures of all kinds
years left in life, i have a few
but you will have all time

wait, i hear some squawking slogs
they’re getting closer now
soon we’ll be lost in the fog
where they will never track us down

I’m not sure we’ll beat them there
I feel them closing in
their bulbous noses in the air
your stink thick in the wind
Track Name: Caught (Narrator)
The slogs caught up and were called off just in time
by two hunters following fast
at first the two apologized
but they saw as they passed
and each let out a gasp
Track Name: Killer Captors (Hunters)
Whats on your shoulder?
Stranger, come here.
I don't believe it.
Its an oaklamere.

What we thought was legend
now we see with our eyes
but tell us kid
how did it die?

give it here
we want to see
is that a bullet hole?
come on now, speak!
well, there's no need.
clearly you're the one.
your silence shows you're not innocent.

we have no choice
but to bring you to town
to see the sheriff
then you'll have to make a sound

give me the bird
i'll take it if i must
resistance won't work
don't put up a fuss
the sheriff will reward us
killer captors must get paid
so come on now
we're on our way
Track Name: My Voice is Dead (Quill)
I've been avoiding human kind
its been years since I've seen one with my eyes
now these two yelling all the way to town
I can't speak at all, can't make a sound
my voice is dead and buried in the ground.

always been silent, without a word
to read and write, i never learned
if only i could just explain
I never caused them any pain

will they let me survive
that oaklamere must be revived
let me put life back in it
let me put life back in it
Track Name: Sleepy City (Sheriff)
This city is so sleepy
its the sleepiest around
its so quiet
no one really makes a sound

not much crime to speak of
only petty little things
we've got this town under control
its the order law brings

I'm glad its safe for my family
and happy to do my job well
but sometimes I want some excitement
a story to tell

in the old days I was a hero
I locked bad people away
these days it seems like I've got no job at all
just don't tell city hall

this town never makes planet news
our own paper is boring to read
a story of the same escaped slog
has been the headline all week


first verse
Track Name: Citizen's Arrest (Narrator)
The hunters had Quill by the arm
a citizen's arrest
the oaklamere slung over one shoulder
red blood on a green vest

they dragged Quill all through town
straight to the police department
they busted into the sheriff's office
and began their exaggerated statement
Track Name: Hunter's Tale (hunters)
Sheriff, its urgent
look what we found
this kid in the forest
no one else around
ravaging this creature
look right here
you won't believe it
its an oaklamere

the evidence is gory
see the blood on the kid's hands
we couldn't let the killer go
we had to take a stand
see on its neck
clearly a bullet hole
where the gun is
i don't know

the kid must have stashed it
suspicion runs high
a villain in our midst
committed genocide
perhaps it wasn't what we thought
just some acid rain
it was the kid all along
what will the environmentalists say?

Sheriff we were scared
frankly terrified
but we need not be rewarded
for risking our lives
we conquered this monster
stronger than it looks
you've got to believe us
when we tell of the strength it took
Track Name: Dreams and Nightmares (Sheriff)
an oaklamere
how very queer
i thought they were extinct
but it is real
as i can feel
even after i blink

risks you did take
to keep this town safe
for that here is your bounty
now go at once
and go get drunk
while i lock this con up in county

good night you chums
goodbye, well done
beck to your city travel safe

i pinch my skin
the smooth leather I'm in
and realize I'm awake

this villain arrives
and just in time
to paint me as a hero
the election is coming
my competitor running
with this will get zero

now to your cell
to sit and dwell
on this mistake you made
you'll inspire nightmares
with the stories I'll share
of this creature you slayed
Track Name: Death Shrine (Prosecutor)
Listen to the Judge's advice
and don't lose sight
of what is wrong
and what is right

its wrong to kill an oaklamere
to shoot it with a gun
its right to defend the defenseless
to stand up for the little ones

its clear this person is dangerous
and has a taste for gore
what was Quill killing
these animals for?

a personal museum
a corpse collection
a shrine to death itself
a deadly affection

will it stop with animals
will Quill become fed up?
will Quill get bored
and move on to us?

its begun with pets already
consider the missing slog
if you think Quill is innocent
imagine if you're wrong

do you want those deaths on your head?
imagine our children stuffed!
ask yourself when
enough is enough

a personal museum
a corpse collection
a shrine to death itself
a deadly affection

the evidence is clear
we're counting on you now
lock this killer away
for the safety of our town

just look at that face
Quill is disturbed
only a sociopath
would ever have the urge
to have

a personal museum
a corpse collection
a shrine to death itself
a deadly affection
Track Name: No Gun (Public Defender)
there is little evidence
to support this claim
they never even found the gun
on someone who cannot protest
its easy to place blame
but I say Quill is not the one

unable to testify
mute and cannot write
we can't be sure of anything at all
speaking of defenseless
Quill here cannot fight
does that mean that they should fall?

its a possibility
Quill found the creature dead
is simply carrying it wrong?
if Quill could speak
what would Quill have said
and would those words have been a song?

let me put life back in it
Track Name: No Witness and No Evidence (Narrator)
the hunters having left town
could not be found
not a single witness around

no evidence to present
no story to defend
it was already the end
before it began
and now the jury decides
Track Name: We The Jury (Jury)
we the jury decide
without reasonable doubt
Quill endangers our lives
theres one way to sort it out
we the jury do find
the defendant to be guilty
the sentence is ten years to life
Track Name: All the Little Creatures (Quill)
all the little creatures
all the little creatures
i will never revive
never bring back to life
and what of all the ones i saved before?
where will they go now i can't keep them anymore?

all the little creatures
all the little creatures
will rot on the ground
by buzzards be found
they will never stand and never fly
while i wait alone to die

that precious oaklamere
its rotten by now i fear
it will never live again
gone for good like way back when
it will never see through marble eyes
poor thing had two times to die

all the little creatures
all the little creatures
let me put life back it them
i want to put life back in them
Track Name: Extra! Extra! (Journalist)
extra! extra!
read all about it!
oaklamere killer gets ten years to life

the shortest hearing
in the history of the court
no witnesses and no evidence

Luceph Large
made one compelling speech
now the killer is behind a fence

your children are able
to come outside today
our city is safe again

extra! extra!
read all about it!
sheriff gives an exclusive interview

tour the home
of the crazed killer
see the photos from the scene of the crime

the sheriff reveals
the killer's sick collection
Quill has an obsessive mind

buses leaving daily
from the square
see the house from the inside

Track Name: Immortalization (Finius Feather)
yes dear yes dear as you wish
I'll get it done and make it quick
I'll get work to you when its complete

thank you dear, have a splendid day
when you pick up then you can pay
goodbye goodbye goodbye good grief

what a dull job this had become
they're all trophies now, every last one
a proud and morbid celebration

its not why I started when I was young
I did it for the creatures that I love
so much for immortalization

but whats this, my name in the paper, I see?
someone was inspired by me
used my book to make a shrine
the pictures show the work is fine

this person is charged with murder, says here
for killing the very last oaklamere
doesn't make sense, the work shows such care
and none of these other creatures are rare

I'll look into this, soon I will
I must meet this prisoner Quill
Track Name: Stillness (Narrator)
Now we see Quill in a cell
the stillness is unsettling
the cold grey walls and the cold grey bars
are altogether menacing

a guard comes by to clear a tray
the food there is untouched
there is a threat of punishment
if Quill continues as such

but it has only been three days
since Quill was locked up
Track Name: Read All About It
Extra extra read all about it
killer dies in prison
cause of death unprecedented

extra extra read all about it
coroner believes it may have been sadness
no one has seen something like this before

the floor of the cell was flooded with tears
six inches deep and Quill never weeped
there were no sounds of wailing

such a show of sorrow
seems to bring to question
the quickness of Quill's conviction

Extra extra read all about it
Quill is to be buried
in the prison cemetery
Track Name: Good Riddance (Prosecutor)
I say good riddance, I say
keeping Quill alive was a waste

Quill was dangerously strange
Quill was different and deranged
someone who did not behave
and could not speak to explain

I say good riddance, I say
keeping Quill alive was a waste

I stand by the arguments I made
and for the crime Quill has justly paid
a life for a life, thats what I say
Quill was a killer and killed just for play

I say good riddance, I say
keeping Quill alive was a waste
and think of all the money we have saved
now the streets of our city can be repaved
Track Name: Apprentice (Finius)
I never had an apprentice
I never had a protege
could I have prevented this?
Quill died of sadness yesterday

Quill modeled after me
but what does my work even mean?
nothing compared to what Quill made
I just work to get paid

I never had an apprentice
I never had a protege
could I have prevented this?
Quill died in prison yesterday

this is not happenstance
I'm meant to give Quill a second chance
I'll give meaning to Quill's sad fate
like for our creatures, its not too late

I never had an apprentice
I never had a protege
I wasn't meant to prevent this
Quill had to die this way
Track Name: Grave Robber (Narrator)
the prison is heavily guarded
unlike the prison cemetery
criminals never escape
once they're dead and buried
unless they are dug up and carried

Finius Feather snuck in
thought no sneaking was required
a shovel snuck over shoulder
stepping easily over the wire

Dear Feather dug for three hours straight
until the shovel struck wood
Finius pried the box open
it wasn't easy but it felt good

the shovel left behind
Quill's body took its place
heavier than Finius
and Quill's body was a dead weight
still Dear Feather did race
panting and red in the face
Fin kept a good pace
Track Name: Raised from the Ground (Finius)
Dear Quill I am
your apprentice now
teach me how to give you life
now I've raised you from the ground

I will use my knives
to gently free your hide
you'll no more need to cry
with your new marble eyes

let me put life back in you

you will stand tall
your legs will never tire
you will be perfection
you will be admired

your arms will stretch out wide
a martyr's pose
clay in your fingers
and clay in your toes

I will put life back in you

I will surround you
with creatures of all kinds
I broke into your house on the hill
and took every one I could find

I've sewn up your skin
now you're straw inside
the sky is growing dark
and finally it is time

I have put life back in you
Track Name: A Thousand Marbles (Narrator)
When the sun rose the next morning
the people of the town
gathered in the square
and guess what they found
Quill perched up high looking down

it was a breathtaking sight
the crowd was growing in size
no one made a sound
they barely blinked their eyes
watching death in a lovely disguise

the square was decorated with creatures
a thousand marbles watching Quill
who was alive and who was deas?
everyone equally still
to see it would give you a chill

this followed for three days and nights
some praying in whispers and hums
mostly only silence
on the third day what came with the sun
Luceph Large looking humble for once
the confession had already begun
Track Name: Let Me Die (Prosecutor)
I've come to say it was a lie
I see the truth now in Quill's face
none of these creatures had to die
Quill's love brought them back to stay

I made it up and even I believed
Quill's silence filled me with fear
but now I know and now I grieve
my evil now shows so clear

I don't deserve to be alive
I should go and be unseen
don't bring me back with marble eyes
leave me to the buzzards to feed

I can't live with this mistake
I created so much hate
now its the peoples' choice to make
to live or die, which is my fate?

be merciful, let me die in turn
self loathing will kill me anyway
Quill had to die so we could learn
and I can't live with that another day
Track Name: Claim Your Bones (the people of the town)
We will decide if you live or die
Luceph Large you came to realize
on your own, your lies can't be condoned
Quill demands we claim your bones


we will take life out of you
we will take life out of you

should we let you suffer though?
would Quill want it to be so?
no need to ask, we already know
Quill would not wish that, even on a foe

We'll show mercy in Quill's name
though for this you are to blame
your face will no more be known
be still while we claim your bones


we will take life out of you
we will take life out of you
we will take life out of you

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